Hello tea world!

Welcome to Nothing and here we have responsibility to reveal a bigger tea world for you especially the vintage tea.

Tea is not just a drink.

Clearing cups, warming teapot, taking out teas, brewing, wait and pouring into cups in front of your friends, the whole time consumed creates the mood for opening your mouth, hearing and response.

We are used to email, Facebook etc instead of taking the time for face-to-face talk, this might be one of the reasons for anxiety and modern war. — A Solomon

Vintage tea is not just about the past

Tea could age, some has been well aged and yet it will continue the journey. History is always fascinating to me, so many stories and wisdoms there. A well aged tea could offer complex, many level drinking experience. The more interesting part is that we could create this history by ourself and also testify it’s going by your eyes. It’s something like raising a baby, when your child grew up they might leave you but the tea you aged won’t.

Sadly there is not much information about age tea available, but why couldn’t we take this as a chance, a starting point?

Let’s build an age tea community together, flourishing yet small, I will give you my gut.

What teas will show out here

The biggest part that could kill us is not war, it’s boring, we don’t want that common teas. It’s our little house, we can be the tyrant to decide which and which can be here.

What we want to hear mostly is a “WOW”, not word “good” or “excellent”.

Talk is cheap, show me the code.

Linux Torvalds

Talk is cheap too, show me the “WOW”. Nothing can cheat your body. So many very rare well aged teas will be here, including 1960s Yunnan Puer, Guangxi Liu Bao, Oolong and 1980s White tea. Also we need the fresh blood, the good new tea for your age by yourself. Drop us a line if you find something that deserve to show out with us.

Hello tea world!!!


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